"MacK"enzie C. Marion


Eclectic and Extraordinary!

Mack's my name but thinking outside of the box is my game.  I've been told I'm destined for greatness because of my leadership potential.  An observation I think is amazing since I am a closeted introvert.  Nonetheless, what I know for sure is that I am not your average teen.


Despite the fact that I have lived in Indianapolis, Indiana my entire life, I must say that everywhere I've visited I have left pieces of my heart behind. Traveling itself is how I prefer to experience nature, culture, and art.


I also have an insatiable craving for the use of multi-media technology.  So at 9 years old I created my own DVD book and still promote it on my web store called Mack-A-Doo's Productions.  And if that's not enough, I recently launched and and continue to host an everything "fun and fashion" blog called Mack's Talk.


Finally, I long to feed my passion for music.  The likelihood is pretty large that I can be caught singing songs  from all genres of music: from show tunes to country, R&B to folk, rap to gospel.  I invite you to explore my e-portfoilio to learn more about my Ecletic and Extraodinary life!

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